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Gift Vouchers

'All In One' Hotels Gift Voucher

Give someone the gift of choice with the Gift Voucher - valid in over 700 Hotels & Guesthouses in Ireland! Our Hotel Gift Voucher is valid at any of the Hotels & Guesthouses listed on this site. What's more, when you buy our Hotel Gift Voucher, we send it to you straight away by email - making it ideal for last minute gifts!

How does the 'All In One' Hotels Gift Voucher Work?

It's simple!

Choose your amount and enter your email address (or we can send it straight to the recipient if you prefer!)

You will receive an email almost instantly - this is your voucher!

Redeem it online at or by calling the IrelandHotels Call Centre on 1800-989909 or +353 293 9170. You can choose from the hundreds of hotels and guesthouses in Ireland and thousands of offers!