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Going Green with the Eco-friendly

 At, our brand is conscious of our impact on the climate and our responsibility to build a strong sustainable future for Ireland’s tourism industry. By aiming for and practicing positive environmental choices and sustainable business practices, can proudly say that our involvement in environmental protection is another proactive step towards protecting the tourism industry’s green mark.



What can you do?

Buy the digital Go Anywhere eCard

The Go Anywhere Gift Card is Ireland's ultimate hotel gift card and the ideal gift for any occasion. With over 400+ hotels and guesthouses to choose from, it also gives the lucky recipient the gift of choice and flexibility to enjoy a getaway their way, while supporting Irish hospitality and attraction provider businesses by holidaying in Ireland and flattening the carbon curve.


You can also make the sustainable choice of buying the digital Go Anywhere eCard when online shopping which is available for instant delivery, straight to your inbox. Give the gift of an experience with the Go Anywhere Gift Card from for instant online delivery and instant joy!



Other things you can do…

During your stay at a Go Anywhere Gift Card hotel or guesthouse, there are some simple steps that you can take to help play your part in a more sustainable visit:

- Use towels and robes as required. Many hotels ask that you reuse your towels to cut down on the amount of laundry.

- Bring your own toiletries to avoid using the miniature toiletries in your room.

- Open a window instead of using the air conditioning.

- Explore local attractions on foot, by bike or utilise public transport to lower your carbon footprint.



Let’s work harder to make Ireland greener!




 One Gift Card. 400+ Hotels.


Go Anywhere with the Go Anywhere Gift Card from

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