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There are a lot of Go Anywhere Gift Card properties to choose from, so to help, we’ve created some handy travel guides and blogs. We’ve also included information on key gifting occasions and why the Go Anywhere Gift Card is the ideal gift for all. Start browsing and book your getaway!

Why the Go Anywhere Gift Card is the best gift for parents

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It’s fair to say that parenting is one of the most rewarding yet challenging jobs out there. That’s why it’s important to treat yourself or some hard-working parents you know to a much-deserved getaway!


The Go Anywhere Gift Card is the perfect gift to grant parents the opportunity to escape their hectic home life to recharge with a getaway in Ireland.  


The Go Anywhere Gift Card:

- Can be used in more than 400 hotels and guest houses across Ireland 

- Valid for up to 5 years

- Can be used redeemed for multiple stays


There are so many fabulous experiences that Go Anywhere Gift Card holders can enjoy. Need some inspiration? We’ve included a few examples below to demonstrate just how flexible and versatile it can be.


Castle Stays

Take a break from playing princess at home in blanket forts and pillow palaces and indulge in the luxury of staying in a real life castle! Ireland has an abundance of stunning historical castles and lush estates available to visit with the Go Anywhere Gift Card.


Gourmet Stays

Are you fed up with eating your dinner cold after feeding the rest of the family? Tired of trying to encourage children to eat their vegetables? Do you dream of being delectable dishes as you enjoy a glass of wine and to not have to wash up afterwards? Thought so! There are some fantastic foodie-focused stays that you can enjoy with the Go Anywhere Gift Card. Check out our blog on some of the top Go Anywhere gourmet getaways for more mouthwatering inspiration.


Hobby Escapes

If you love nothing more than unwinding with a round of golf, a guided hike with breathtaking scenery or simply putting your feet up at the spa for the day, many of our participating properties have excellent hobby holiday packages so that you can experience even more from your getaway.


It doesn’t matter if your parents have a house full of crazy kids or if their kids have all flown the nest, the Go Anywhere Gift Card is the ultimate gift for saying a heartfelt ‘thank you’ to all parents.

For the parents who deserve a relaxing break.

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