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Posted on: Wed, 10 November, 2021

Say thank you to your team with the “Go Anywhere” gift card from Irelandhotels.com


Go Anywhere Gift Card:

Tax-Free Rewards & Benefits

100% Irish Owned & Valid for 5 years

Redeemable in Hundreds of Hotels 


2021 has given many of us a welcome return to normality we've been eagerly waiting for. The Summer of 2021 will be remembered by many as the most significant step towards enjoying the good things in life again that we missed for months. The opportunity was taken by many to explore Ireland in a way that we may not have done before. Many recaptured old childhood memories, ticked destinations off their To-Do lists by getting out truly exploring Ireland. 

The past 2 years have been a difficult time for employers and employees alike. Homes have become both offices and crèches, kitchen counters have become work desks and living rooms have become meeting rooms. Staff have had to dig in deep during 2020 and 2021 and work in ways never considered before. As offices begin to reopen we begin to look towards Christmas and leave the last 18 months behind; it is the ideal time to show your team how much their efforts are appreciated. The “Go Anywhere Gift Card” from Irelandhotels.com can be purchased online and used to pay the bill at hundreds of hotels and guesthouses around Ireland.

The gift of a “Go Anywhere Gift Card” is doubly rewarding, as you will be gifting a well-earned hotel break in Ireland to your team; you will also be supporting an industry that is so vital to every single community in our country.

Tax-Free Incentive

The “Go Anywhere Gift Card” falls under the Small Benefits Exemption Scheme and qualifies for Benefit in Kind (BiK) tax exemption.

 Employers can save 56% on rewarding their staff under the Small Benefits Exemption Scheme. This entitles company directors and employees can receive a non-cash bonus of up to €500 in value on a completely tax-free basis each year. As the payment must be in a non-cash form, the most common way to avail of this scheme is by purchasing gift vouchers.

The “Go Anywhere Gift Card” also qualifies for the Government's Benefit in Kind tax exemption, allowing businesses to reward their staff up to €500 each free of tax, USC or PRSI. Businesses can save up to €653.65 per employee when rewarding their staff with the “Go Anywhere Gift Card” as an annual reward.

v9 go anywhere card 85 x 55mm


100% Irish Owned & Valid for 5 years

Premium Card Quality

Irelandhotels.com is the consumer website of the Irish Hotels Federation (IHF). It is a 100% Irish owned website and with profits from sales being used to support Ireland’s hospitality sector. The “Go Anywhere Gift Card” is produced and fulfilled in Dublin, ensuring no delays or quality issues with your order. 

Gift Cards are also valid for 5 years in line with 2019 changes to Government regulations, giving you plenty of time to plan and book your hotel break. 


All “Go Anywhere Gift Card” funds are held in a segregated client fund account and are PCI-DSS compliant, meaning your data and money is fully secure. “Go Anywhere Gift Cards” are an ISO approved business, ensuring that we lead the way in providing a quality, reliable service to our customers.


Redeemable in Hundreds of Hotels

The “Go Anywhere Gift Card” can be redeemed in hundreds of different properties around Ireland. With a selection of 2, 3, 4 and 5 star hotels as well as a choice of a number of cosy guesthouses, you’re never far from an Irelandhotels.com hotel. With the new ability to use our hotel vouchers directly with our partners, recipients can use the gift card to plan future getaways or indeed use it against those last minute hotel deals. The ability to use our gift cards at hotels will also allow them to pay for some of those extra little costs that may greet them at check out.

The ability to offer someone so much choice makes the “Go Anywhere Gift Card” the perfect gift for employees or maybe a sales incentive for a potential brand partnership? With current restrictions on gatherings, the days of taking potential or new clients out for expensive meals or lavish golf trips are gone (for now). The “Go Anywhere Gift Card” is the perfect alternative. As all our partner hotels are Failte Ireland registered, you'll be you will also be giving them peace of mind that they'll be enjoying a hotel break in a safe and clean environment.

Irelandhotels.com has also worked with a number of high profile clients who have chosen our gift cards as Competition Prizes for their customers. Rather than a break away in one hotel, the choice of hotels given from a “Go Anywhere Gift Card” is also guaranteed to see your social media engagement soar. View the full list of partner hotels here


Now what?

Wondering how to buy a “Go Anywhere Gift Card”? Simply visit our purchase page here where you can purchase multiple hotel vouchers at once for instant email delivery or postal delivery (to a maximum of €1,000 per transaction). If you wish to talk to our team or arrange an alternative method of payment for large orders, please contact us directly via support@irelandhotels.com.