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Eco Friendly Hotels

Posted on: Sat, 11 September, 2021

Thinking green has never been as important as it is today, with concerns around pollution and climate change we all need to make that extra effort to help the environment. Luckily, it has also never been as easy to contribute to make small changes in our lives without causing major disruption and still help the environment. On this week’s Go Anywhere blog we have looked at how changes in many approaches around the hospitality sector are now giving you greener options with eco-friendlier hotels but also what you can do during your stay to help contribute in a small way.

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If you are looking for a more sustainable hotel stay, why not choose from our list below:


Bush Hotel, Carrick-on-Shannon, Leitrim

 bush hotel

The Bush Hotel has been somewhat of a trailblazer among Irish hotels for their environmentally friendly practices. The hotel has won a host of awards in recognition for their fine work on environmental performance and management. The Bush Hotel’s commitment to its eco-friendly approach also includes that of their suppliers with the hotel not accepting deliveries of pallets, shrink wrap, bubble wrap, polystyrene, and all deliveries now come in reusable, returnable crates. Another small but ingenious steps The Bush Hotel took was an agreement with suppliers for delivery vehicles not to be left running in idle when they visit the hotel, thus reducing the release of unnecessary emissions. The hotel is rightly very proud of their environmental performance and you can be sure of new approaches / changes being implemented by the hotel in the near future.

 Book your stay with the Bush Hotel >HERE<



The Falls Hotel & Spa, Ennistymon, Co Clare


The magnificent Falls Hotel in Ennistymon was certified as carbon neutral hotel in March 2021 after 5 years of strong investment, hard work and true dedication. During this time the hotel managed to reduce their carbon emissions by 90%, meaning a visit to Falls Hotel may actually reduce your own carbon footprint! The Falls Hotel also provide charging points for electric car users, however the biggest work on the area of sustainability has been the impressive installation of a hydro-electric turbine on on the neighbouring Inagh River which can provide up to 100% of their electrical needs when the river is in full flow.

Book your stay in the Falls Hotel >HERE<



The Brehon Hotel, Killarney, Kerry

 the brehon hotel kerry image9

Proudly recognised for their efforts in sustainability the 5 star Brehon Hotel boasts a Gold Award Standard for their work. The hotel has introduced a number of simple practices that together, have helped reduce their carbon footprint. From their recycling practices to the use of energy saving bulbs and motion sensor activation user rather than an “always on approach” to their reduction in paper use, The Brehon has shown that it’s easy to make small changes to benefit the planet. Reducing our consumption of meat is one of the easiest ways to think sustainability and the Danu Restaurant in The Brehon has been making this option even easier for guest with one of the finest vegan hotel menus containing locally sourced produced you’re likely to find.

Book your stay at The Brehon Hotel >HERE<



Fitzgerald Woodlands Hotel, Adare, Co Limerick


The team at Fitzgerald Woodlands Hotel in Limerick have been one of the leading lights among hotels in efforts to become more sustainable. The Adare hotel has managed to reduce it electricity usage by 46% over the past 5 years while also reducing gas usage by 15% in the same period. They boast an on-site waste water facility which benefits many of the hotel facilities including the hotel spa and gym. On top of this, all food waste goes to their now famous garden, known as Mary’s Organic Garden. The hotel’s organic garden also means their menu of locally sourced produce is more local than you may realise.

Book your stay at Fitzgerald Woodlands Hotel >HERE<



Maldron Hotel Wexford, Wexford

gardencourtyard-summer.jpg (Maldron-hotel-wexfor) 

The Maldron Hotel Wexford introduced a number measures over recent years as part of a group wide effort from the hotels holding group – Dalata Hotels. Similar to some of our previously mentioned hotels they have introduced the use of low wattage bulbs, removed or replaced much of their marketing material throughout the hotel in an effort to go paperless, as well as reviewing all single use plastic items and introducing a single flush policy to reduce water wastage.

The hotel has gone a couple of steps further to not only help the environment but also to add some extra life to the hotel ground. The hotel has added a host of birdhouses to their grounds to help protect the wildlife as well as creating their own herb garden which helps fight pollution, while offers benefits in pollination and soil refurbishment.

 Book your stay at Maldron Hotel Wexford >HERE<


 What Can You Do?


During your own hotel/guesthouse stay, there are small changes that you can make to help play your part:

  • Use towels and robes as required. (You don’t need to use every towel in your room! You also don’t need to pose for photographs in your robe and never wear it again during your stay!!)
  • Bring your own toiletries / shower hats
  • Open a window/s instead of using air conditioning
  • Explore local attraction on foot or by bike instead of driving
  • Support local suppliers if you are exploring the locality


We hope this week’s #GoAnyhwere blog has given you food for thought on sustainability, whether it is booking a getaway or choosing an eco-friendly gift with our Go Anywhere eCard. 


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