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5 Top Staycations in Ireland

- Posted on: 24/03/2020 - $itemValue.title


To give you something to look forward to or indeed to help give you a reason to holiday at home this year we have come up with 5 Staycations. A road trip can be a surprisingly easy way to save a bit of money or to have a short weekend trip perfect for getting the little ones out of the house. The joy of a staycation in Ireland is that you’re never more than a half day’s drive from your ideal holiday.

What are the top locations that come to mind when thinking of a trip to Ireland? Whatever you’re thinking, forget it! Break away from the usual vacation spots and have a staycation in a place

you haven’t thought to visit before. Why not discover a new guesthouse or cute hotel to rest your head for a night or two?

To help make the planning woes easier, check out our top locations for staycation suggestions.


Kerry - Kenmare

Trips to Kerry usually include a stop to Killarney. For active families, try giving Kenmare a try. This town is also close to Killarney National Parking. Making it perfect for a cycling trip, visiting the Ring of Kerry or enjoying a lovely picnic in the park. If the younger ones in the family have been getting restless, this location provides plenty of activity. The Killarney High Ropes provide a thrilling sense of adventure and Crag Cave is wonderful for excursions. If you have the time, you can make a short trip to Derrynane beach on sunny days. A night or two in Kenmare means that the family is never too far away from an outdoor activity with the bonus of having great places to dine when you head in for the night.

Browse some of the wonderful hotels in Kerry here.


Waterford - Waterford City

Reach new heights with a trip to Waterford City. A stay in this charming, historic city provides the opportunity to explore the Comeragh Mountains. There are a variety of hiking trails to suit beginners and more advanced climbers. A dedicated climber would be able to hit all of the key peaks which is 18 km in total. Don’t worry if this isn’t what you’re looking for, there are still less advanced trails that guarantee some of the stunning views.

If you’re not looking to hike, bike, or rock climb, then go for a drive. The lesser-known Copper Coast Drive provides views that can rival The Great Atlantic Way. Here’s a tip: stop by Kilmurrin Cove, a favourite spot for tourists and locals alike.

Don’t forget to spend a day or two exploring everything that Waterford City has to offer. The Viking Triangle is home to the Museum of Treasures and presents a chance to learn more about a part of Ireland’s history.

Browse some of the wonderful hotels in Waterford City here.


Sligo - Sligo Town

How about a lovely trip to the northwest of Ireland. Sligo town is a wonderful centre point to discover the rest of the county. While great to visit at any point during the year, summer is the best time to visit. When the warmer months hit, Sligo is a wonderful place to hit the ocean for a surfing lesson. A surfer’s getaway can provide an exhilarating slice of adventure to your holiday. Or enjoy all of the delicious cuisines that Sligo can offer. Check out one of Sligo’s foodie tours which provides an inviting, tasty look at some of their best establishments.

Before heading home, enjoy a night out on the town. Sligo is known for its traditional Irish music and people come from across the globe to learn how to play. Don’t miss your chance to enjoy a pint while listening to tunes from some of the best.

Browse some of the wonderful hotels in Sligo here.


Tipperary - Lough Derg

Standing as the third-largest lake on the island of Ireland, Lough Derg is worthy of a visit in 2020. While this lake also borders Galway and Clare for a distinct holiday, we recommend heading to the Tipperary side.

Lough Derg is considered one of Ireland’s hidden gems. And 2020 is the right time for new visitors to unlock its beauty. The possibilities for adventure are endless at Lough Derg as one can fill their day scuba diving, canoeing, water skiing and sailing. For those that prefer to stay on land, there is still the opportunity for golf, cycling, and horseback riding.

A trip to Lough Derg is ideal for adventurous families or couples.

When the exploration is done, relax and unwind in Tipperary. From Ballina and Portumna, you’ll find the best place to rest your head.

Browse some of the wonderful hotels in County Tipperary here.


Cork - Leap

For anyone looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of cities, the town of Leap is a great place to visit. The lack of cellular service may be a burden for some but for those seeking tranquillity, this is a good solution. A night on the town may be simple but Connolly’s of Leap is an excellent pub filled with cold pints and rocking bands.

Plus if the peace and quiet start to become too much, Leap is only a short drive from other major towns in Cork County.

Browse some of the wonderful hotels in County Cork here.


These are only a few of the possible places that one should consider visiting in 2020. All of these wonderful locations provide an opportunity to explore, eat wonderfully, and enjoy the beauty of Ireland. It’s key to remember that when planning a vacation, flights aren’t always needed to have a good time.


Before planning your next staycation, make sure to browse the hundreds of hotels and guest houses throughout Ireland that would be ideal for your trip.