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How do I redeem a gift card ?

To redeem a gift card login into irelandhotels.com hotel admin using your username and password. Once logged in the new Promopay Cloud Terminal (PCT) click "Payment Card" . We advise the then check the card balance, once card funds have been established click on "Accept Payment" input the gift card code and amount to be redeemed. Please note all new codes contain 9 digits, all gift cards purchased before Jan 29th 2020 will contain 8 digits. Both codes can be redeemed.


What do I do if I redeem the incorrect amount ?

On the PCT there is a Refund option which allows you a 15 minute window to rectify the error.  Please have the authorisation code to hand for this transaction (You would have received this by email when you did the initial redemption).


Can I check a balance on a Gift Card ?

Yes, in the PCT there is a Check Balance option.


How will the booking come into the Hotel ?

The customer is encouraged to book their stay through irelandhotels.com which has a direct link to your hotel.  The booking will come through your own booking engine.


How will I know if a booking is using an Irelandhotels Gift Card ?

You will not know this information unless the customer has advised it on the comments section of their online booking.  (The comments section is not a mandatory field)


How is the Hotel re-imbursed for the redeemed Gift Cards ?

At the end of each calendar month, PPS will issue a report to the IHF with all the transactions for the month for each Hotel.  The amount will be net of the commission.  IHF will pay this amount to the Hotel by EFT in 5 working days.  The IHF will issue a VAT receipt to the Hotel.


Can the Gift Cards be redeemed against other services in the Hotel e.g Restaurant, bar ? Yes, once the customer has charged these additional services to their room bill.


How can I check that the transactions I have done on the PCT are correct with the details on the Hotels PMS ? Each night a daily reconciliation report will be sent to a designated email address or a group of emails.


There has been a power cut in the Hotel and we cannot access the PCT to check a balance, what can we do ?

There is an app version of PCT which can be easily downloaded onto a mobile phone, so therefore the gift card can be redeemed via the phone.


Can Gift Cards be purchased at the Hotel ?

No, not at the moment.  Please direct customers onto irelandhotels.com to purchase a Gift Card. 


Can multiple Gift Cards be purchased on line ?

No, please direct the enquiry to the IHF office marketing@ihf.ie or Support@irelandhotels.com


Can a customer use a Gift Card when they have just purchased it ?

No, the Gift Card cannot be redeemed until 5 days after purchase.


What do I do if a card is expired?

Please contact the Irelandhotels.com Support@irelandhotels.com


Can customers still make a booking for a hotel through irelandhotels.com without a gift card?

Yes, customer can make a booking by clicking on the Hotel they require and this will bring them straight into the Hotels own website


I cant remember my password for the industry login page on irelandhotels.com

There is a forgot passwordsection on the page and this will allow you to reset your password.


What happens if the booking comes via an OTA website ?

We encourage customers to book via irelandhotels.com  It is up to you if you wish to accept this booking, but please be aware that you will be paying the OTA commission on this booking.