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The Go Anywhere Gift Card: the ultimate gift for clients & employees this Easter

Posted on: Mon, 08 February, 2021

Say thank you to your team or clients with the Irelandhotels.com Go Anywhere Gift Card.

Easter is the perfect time to remind your clients and employees of your appreciation and treat them to a memorable corporate gift.  With the “Go Anywhere Gift Card” you will be gifting new memories and experiences in the form of a well-earned hotel break or holiday in Ireland to your team or clients. 

Today’s #TravelTuesday will prove why the “Go Anywhere Gift Card” is the perfect business gift to reward your team or to cherish your customer’s support.

Our #TravelTuesday tip: Include a unique message with the Gift Card, this personalisation is special in corporate gifting.

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So, why is the Go Anywhere Gift Card the ultimate gift this Easter (2021)?

1.       Tax-Free Incentive

The Go Anywhere Gift Card falls under the Small Benefits Exemption Scheme and qualifies for Benefit in Kind (BiK) tax exemption.

Employers can save 56% on rewarding your staff under the Small Benefits Exemption Scheme. This entitles company directors and employees to receive a non-cash bonus of up to €500 in value on a completely tax-free basis each year. As the payment must be in a non-cash form, the most common way to avail of this scheme is by purchasing gift vouchers.

The Go Anywhere Gift Card also qualifies for the Government's Benefit in Kind tax exemption, allowing businesses to reward their staff up to €500 each free of tax, USC or PRSI. Businesses can save up to €653.65 per employee when rewarding their staff with the Go Anywhere Gift Card as an Easter appreciation reward.

2.                  Security

All “Go Anywhere Gift Card” funds are held in a segregated client fund account and are PCI-DSS compliant, meaning your data and money is fully secure. “Go Anywhere Gift Cards” are an ISO approved business, ensuring that we lead the way in providing a quality, reliable service to our customers.

3.                  Valid for 5 years

The Gift Cards are valid for 5 years in line with 2019 changes to Government regulations, giving your clients and employees plenty of time to plan and book their hotel break. irelandhotels.com members have fantastic deals for Easter Midterm breaks for your recipients to book. View T&Cs


4.                  Redeemable in 350+ hotels and guesthouses

The “Go Anywhere Gift Card” can be redeemed in more than 350 hotels and guesthouses across Ireland. With a selection of 2, 3, 4 and 5-star hotels as well as a choice of a number of cosy guesthouses, there is plenty to choose from. See all Hotels and Guesthouses

5.                  Flexibility

The Go Anywhere Gift Card can be used any season, and it is compatible with the offers available in the hotels’ own website. So your recipient could enjoy a family Easter Midterm break anywhere in Ireland. You can also use your gift card across multiple trips at various participating hotels.

6.                  Easy to redeem

Your recipients just need to book directly with the hotel or guesthouse they wish to stay at and mention they will be producing the Gift Card. At check-in, the property will redeem the value of the Gift Card you have given them this Easter to pay the whole or part of the total balance of the stay. How to Redeem

7.                  Personalized

You can personalize the message to let your clients or employees know how much you appreciate their personal work or support.

So give the gift of new experiences and everlasting memories to your colleagues and clients this Easter as a token of goodwill with the Go Anywhere Gift Card.

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You can buy the “Go Anywhere Gift Card” here. If you wish to talk to our team or arrange an alternative method of payment for large orders, please contact us directly at support@irelandhotels.com.